Introducing: Pangea Makers Studio

September 28, 2023

In an increasingly competitive, noisy world, it's crucial to have a partner who can make your message stick. Pangea  understands the diverse needs of organizations. We believe that storytelling and design are the keys to an equitable future so use these tools to help organizations to educate their audiences. We create products that range from  book publishing and professional editing support to creating eye-catching infographics and captivating magazines, Pangea has the team and expertise to help achieve your impact.

We’ve made every product you can think of ranging in topic from public health, to education, to climate change, to economics, to human rights. Pangea is the go-to organization that can bring your ideas to life. To name a few:

Book Creation

Story is a psychologically privileged tool in how humans engage and remember things. We work with organisations to create products about their topic of expertise. We work together to condense topics to be understood and written with words that can be remembered. We execute every step of taking your idea to reality through ghost writing, illustrating, and designing anything from books, to magazines, to flipbooks, to brochures.

Visual Design

Great writing requires precision, clarity, and flawless execution. Pangea's expert editorial team understands this, and their services are tailored to enhance your work and refine your message. From proofreading to developmental editing, our professionals ensure that your work shines through, capturing the attention of your readers. Collaborating with Pangea's skilled editors guarantees that your content is polished, engaging, and true to your unique voice.

Visual Design

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. Whether you’re making educational materials, data visualizations, or marketing/sensitization materials, Pangea has the expertise to convert intricate concepts into informative and visually stunning visuals: from posters to infographics and more. 

With Pangea's Maker Studio services, the possibilities for effective communication are boundless. Whether you wish to see your book on the shelves, require editing support, seek striking infographics, or dream of crafting captivating magazines, Pangea has the team and expertise to bring your ideas to fruition. We have worked with organizations like University of Florida , Kijani Forestry, Girls Education South Sudan Education, The Vice President's Office of Liberia and many more.

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