About Us

The Pangea Playbook

We have spent a long time doing this work. We think deeply about our approach to it including why we do it, what we do, and how we do it. Explore sections of our playbook below to take a deeper dive into Pangea.

Why do we exist?

Our vision of the way the world can and ought to be and what we are working towards.

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When we say 100%, we mean it. No, we do not believe we will accomplish this alone, but we will make a substantial impact on strategic, structural issues that move the world towards it. We believe every child has both the capability and deserves to cultivate literacy skills.

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    What do we do?

    Our mission and what we tangibly do to achieve our vision of the way the world can be.

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    We position our work to impact three spheres of a child's life:
    • In the home:
      Family is single most influential factor on if a child will learn to read. We have created programs to empower parents to be involved in their children's education through our Mobile Libraries and Project Backpack.
    • At school:
      The most intentional learning time happens at school. We work to improve teacher effectiveness in literacy instruction primarily for early-grade reading across the primary school level.
    • In the economy:
      Sustainability is important to us. We believe for literacy to thrive anywhere, it must find a place in the economy. Pangea Publishing creates books that are accessible across Uganda.

    What do we value?

    The fabric of our people and work are the values that bring us together. Read about what we hold most dear and what we do to live them out.

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    Diversity & Inclusion

    Everyone has a story. We value and amplify the many identities, abilities, cultures, and perspectives around the world as the strength of our community.


    We place people at the center of our work -working together in collaboration and with humility.


    We thoughtfully invest in local leadership and practices that lead to durable systemic transformation.