Introducing the Twesomese Community Center

Twesomese means let's learn together in Luganda, the local language in the Wakiso District outside of Kampala, Uganda. Teachers, students, parents, and community members are coming together to learn now that PED has officially launched the community center. Our goal for the center is simple: to create a more holistic approach to educating students by addressing factors outside of the classroom. The Twesomese Community Center will provide educational opportunities to the community in order to support the long-term sustainability of the schools that reside within it and to create a strong investment in education community-wide.


At the forefront of every classroom is a teacher. With ongoing professional development sessions for teachers from the community and PED partner schools, our goal is to empower teachers to become better practitioners on student-centered learning techniques, literacy skills, and creating a love of learning. The community center is an opportunity for collaboration and critical conversations around resources and student performance to help teachers continue to serve students best.

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For students, the community center provides a rich environment filled with books and games focused on improving a reading culture. Program challenges will be held for students to create services and products to improve the livelihood of their communities and then pitch to others. Soon, STEM programming will begin for girls in the community.

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Parents have been invited to join their students at the community center to learn more about how to support their education. Reading nights that encourage parents to access books and read with students, as well as adult literacy programs focused on improving skills of parents, helps entire families learn together.

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The community center is intended to bring the entire community together to invest in education for their students. Through monthly PED talks, community members are invited to share their innovative ideas on education, health, farming, and more, in an effort to find solutions to challenges faced by the community. In addition, the center will host an event to engage in oral storytelling in an effort to share and preserve local culture and history. In the upcoming weeks, community members will be invited to participate in a Computer Training Program.


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