Education in Uganda: A Look Inside the Christianity Classroom

Take a closer look at the way teachers and students come together with one goal in mind: learning and growing together. Gain a deeper understanding of the individuals who, like PED, believe that education can transform their community.

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Justice in Society is written boldly on the board. In their Christianity class, S2 students at Awach Secondary School are learning about global leaders who have positively impacted their communities, their countries, and the world.

Francis begins with South African leader Nelson Mandela and his fight for equality between whites and blacks. His courage, Francis proclaims, gained international attention and inspired other, similar movements. He transitions to talking about the life of Martin Luther King Jr, who empowered the black community in the United States to find their voice and fight for their rights - mentioning how this actions allowed Barack Obama to become the first Black President.

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Students nod their heads in agreement as pens glide across their notebooks, each young mind trying to be sure that no fact is left undocumented.

Soon, Mahatma Gandhi’s name is spoken. “Similar to Martin Luther King, Gandhi fought for the rights of Indians to free [them] from British rule,” he explains, citing the nonviolence movements, boycotts, and hunger strikes that were led.



Each day, students in the Christianity class learn about aspects of religion in the context of their community and the world. Their studies focus on how religion influenced different peace and justice movements, what lessons can be learned from the lives of individuals within the Bible, and how to use religion to live a more meaningful life.

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